& Other Stories


If anyone has been keeping up with the H&M news like me you will have seen the new store ‘& Other Stories’ on the popular Regent Street, London. The store sells a great range of clothes, shoes, bags, beauty and lingerie; but surprisingly they have not followed the fashion trends and catwalk looks like every other high street retailer.

“We went to different cities and looked at how the impact of social media, street style and bloggers has made women more fashion savvy,” said creative director Sara Hilden-Bengtsson. “Women create looks differently than they did 10-15 years ago. They create their own stories through their personal style and they know fashion.”

The idea of the brand came from women having their own style and mixing items from vintage stores, fashion brands, ebay and their grandmothers wardrobes


‘Today, a women with a love for fashion creates her own style’

2013-03-13174643_zpsd86830b8 2013-03-13174259_zpse6b40f65 2013-03-13174700_zps7ff4d13a

Merchandising at the store


Purple metallic wedge heels £65


Range of different chic boyfriend style sandals

0157159005_5_100013 LO-13-9-ST-1_5_301101 LO-13-9-BE-4_5_301101

Nude wedges £145, grey printed trouser suit blazer £125 and matching trousers £65 and rainbow print dress £45

PS-13-1-MI-2_5_301101 LO-13-9-CO-6_5_301101

Pink dress £65 and printed trousers £45



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