Printed Suits

Every girl needs a great trouser suit- this is the women dressing as men trend but making it uber cool and girly chic
You can do this with many different styles, shapes and patterns; it doesn’t have to be plain and boring, check these amazing styles out and let me know what you think.
And don’t just think these items are high end- Hit the high street; there everywhere at the moment.

I’ve added styling suggestions in there for you as well, so you can make that outfit just PERFECT!!




Plain white shirt, an addition to any wardrobe
£14.99 from H&M

H&M silver necklace £7.99
This is understated but will look great with any top


Sister Jane suit in metallic neon tweed at

Jacket- £125
Skirt- £48

17C15DHPK_2_thumb         36H26DHPK_2_thumb       0085048250_1_1_3

Plain white tee with pocket from Zara only £15.99
This top will look great tucked in for a more dressy look

Quilted neon pink set

Jacket- £68
Shorts- £36


Minimal sandals from Zara £29.99, easily affordable

Stella McCartney floral suit from

Jacket- £1070

Pencil skirt- £ 575

25D32DMUL_small                                  25D32DMUL_2_thumb    2375201092_1_1_3

Quilted silk check coat and silk wide leg
trousers by Unique at Topshop

Jacket- £25 Trousers- £150

Silver and white strappy sandals from Zara £39.99

Monochrome is everywhere right now- it makes such a statement

hmprod-1  hmprod360737_in_xl

Wear this jacket in the day with jeans for that dressed down look                                                                                                                             

Floral suit from H&M

Trousers- £29.99
Jacket- £24.99
Add a splash of colour into your jewellery
Marni gold plated necklace from £198

kooples-155_GAkooples-295_GA 0138490002_1_0

Leapard Print suit from the Kooples
Don’t be afraid to mix different price ranges

Jacket- £295
Trousers- £155

Plain white singlet from £19



And for a more minimalist approach………

17X09DDVG_2_thumb       36D20DDVG_2_thumb         366237_in_xl

Contrast bound blazer and turn up trousers at Topshop
Wear this with a white shirt buttoned up

Jacket- £100
Trousers- £68
Oscar de la Renta necklace from the



Green collared shirt and wide leg pants                                                                                 

Shirt- £49
Trousers- £79

Gold necklace by Kevia at
Jewellery really makes an outfit stand out- Don’t be afraid to make a statement

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