Gold, Gold, Gold

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These 4 bracelets are from Aldo and under £12! A shop that’s not only great for shoes but bags and jewellery too, check out the bigger stores i.e. on Oxford Street as they have such a wide selection of everything

I love gold! I’ve been looking for the best high street gold costume jewellery to wear with my Michael Kors watch, and i’m seeing so much at the moment; even though its costume jewellery and at a really great price i still have to wait for pay day which is on Friday, Booooooo!

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These two are a great find from & Other Stories online, but check out the store there is a much wider selection inside, prices from £10

hmprod-8 hmprod-7 hmprod-6

These three are from H&M, and prices here start from £3.99 which is great if your just need that extra bit of sparkle

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