Skiing in Whistler, Canada

IMG_4906     IMG_4907


Whistler was an amazing ski holiday destination; the only skiing place I have been that is not in Europe.
These photos are from the first day; for some reason I knew we had to take loads this day; and good job we did as it was cloudy and snowy the rest of the week we were there.

We skied in the day and chilled out most nights with a bottle of red wine; was lovely. It’s nice to spend time with the boyfy!

IMG_4951 IMG_4950 IMG_4949 IMG_4948 IMG_4947

This is Scandinavian Spa, about 10 minutes from Cascade Lodge where we were staying.
Hot baths, steam rooms, saunas and relaxation rooms= THE BEST EVER !!

We also had a swedish massage here which we both said was the best we ever had






999253_10153567074105405_654327602_n 960131_10153567073235405_87309996_n 1474530_10153563061965405_1161570286_n       IMG_4922


Couple of my new outfit buys for the trip 🙂

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