A surprise in Paris

From one job to the next!

I needed a new challenge, a bigger boat, more fun and way more adventure; this is why I decided to leave my last boat and join a much larger more travelled boat starting in Dubai!

Between jobs I had about two weeks spare and my sister was going to Paris with a large group of uni friends. Of course I decided to go with, but obviously as a surprise šŸ™‚



IMG_5482 IMG_5474 IMG_5473 IMG_5471

Snails, eeeeeeekkkkkk!! I’m not the biggest fan :s


IMG_5538 IMG_5535 IMG_5531

We did all the usual tourist things and then the last night I treated me and my sister to the Moulin Rouge show with champagne. If you have not been to it you have to go, it was absolutely amazing!! I was not expecting to be sat at a table at all; as the only shows i’ve been to have been in London.

I am wearing one of my favourite dresses by Vaudeville & Burlesque, with shoes from Zara and my sister is wearing a leather dress by Topshop and her boots are from H&M trend collection.

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